Investigating the domain of pedagogical epistemology, postmodern philosophy identifies Umbildung as the educational theory in which a subject is shaped independent of a formal educational institution. The learning described by Umbildung is characterised by the individual reception and elaboration of information by the subject. It is a reflection and response to education, background and upbringing. Far from homologation, every learning is the representation of unique and sometimes peculiar choices.

um·bildung is a project that borrows the philosophical term to understand, through interviews, the varied background and training of international architects.

um·bildung considers the cultural background and personal life experience of the subject in relation to their work.

um·bildung investigates the cognitive and poetic dimensions of each subject’s “testimony”.

um·bildung would like to highlight the subjectivity of education and the continuous training of an architect throughout their life.

um·bildung investigates each subject’s point of departure from a previous methodology, and displays the complexity of influences that inform the contemporary architect.

Founders & Editors: Marta Malinverni · Alexander Turner
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